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Tractor and Equipment Videos

We live in the "information age", and yet sometimes that information is hard to find. At Capital Tractor we know one thing: people crave knowledge about the products we sell!

This section of our site will be dedicated to providing you with video presentations covering new products, machine operation, equipment maintenance, tractor and heavy equipment safety, and anything else we come upon that looks like it might provide a "fix" for that knowledge craving. Please visit often- we'll add more videos as they become available.

1- New Holland Compact Tractor Safety

2- New Holland "Tractor 101" Terminology


3- Loader Operation

4- Mowing Grass and Fields

5- T1500-Series Economy Compact Tractors

6- Boomer SuperSuite Cab Features

7- New Holland 3-Point Hitch Basics

8- New Holland "Understanding Hydraulics"

9- New Holland "Understanding the PTO"

10- Servicing Your Compact Tractor

11- Tire Options for Compact Diesel Tractors