2015 Unverferth 112 2-shank

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112 2-shank



Like roots in a too-small container, your performance would be less than its best if you had to live and work each day in such a cramped spaces. Yields suffer when compaction keeps roots from growing freely into the subsoil for optimum nutrient and water uptake. The Zone-BuilderĀ® subsoiler from Unverferth lets plants stretch their legs (and their roots) by opening passageways through the hardpan with minimal surface disruption. Long-term university research confirms deep-tilling with tools such as the Zone-Builder implement raise yields and income.

  • 3/4" thick high-stress, forged-alloy shanks provide maximum strength and minimal disturbance
  • 38" underframe clearance provides ideal residue flow
  • Heavy-duty, double-frame all-welded construction with 6" x 6" rear frame
  • Heat-treated, austempered 1-3/4" wide replaceable points dig through the hardpan
  • Front-mounted swivel coulters with 1,500 lbs. of downpressure easily cut through the heaviest residue and features heavy-duty 6-bolt hubs wtih recessed endcaps and ride on a lip for increased durability
  • Models available with 2-16 shanks with a powder-coat finish in choice of red or green
  • Model 112 with shear-bolt protected shank with 7,500 lbs. of shear pressure for use in rock-free soils
  • Standard stabilizer wheels with stubble-resistant tires assure a consistent working depth
  • Straight-leg shank design creates a passageway that allows plant roots, soil moisture and nutrients to move freely into the subsoil with minimal surface soil disturbance
  • Slices up to 20" deep to alleviate the deepest compaction
  • Points feature raised-center, tapered design for less soil disturbance at higher speeds
  • Transport Width: (Stabilizer Wheels Inboard) 8'2"
  • Weight: (Approximate) 1440 lbs.
General Information
  • Model: 112 Shear-Bolt Protected
Power Take-off (pto)
  • PTO/HP Required: 60-100



(Approximate) 1440 lbs.

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